Group Lessons

Group cooking classes are a blast! I love getting together with a group of people, in someone’s kitchen, where everyone is — cooking, laughing, drinking. It’s a party.

This isn’t your typical group cooking classes. How do my group classes work? First, you decide that you want to do something different with your friends. Why not try cooking together? In your kitchen. Surrounded by your friends, and maybe an adult beverage, or two? It’s a win-win, right!

We’ll get together and custom design your class for you and your friends. We could spend the night making fresh pasta, or maybe have a French cuisine lesson – you decide and I’ll make it happen.

I do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, and come to your house – anytime you choose – to meet your friends, and set up your kitchen. Get ready for a fun, unique, hands-on cooking experience for you and your friends. We’re all in the kitchen together, me, you and your fabulous friends, making some tasty food. When the food is ready – enjoy! Sit around the table with your friends, enjoying every morsel you learned how to cook. I’ll handle all the cleanup; you handle that second martini.

Why spend money going to a cooking school when you can bring this fantastic experience into your home? We offer a variety of custom group cooking lessons. Here are a few ideas:

40th birthday? Why not do a mystery box challenge?

Getting married? Why not learn how to cook the bride-to-be’s favorite meal (or maybe the groom’s?)

Family reunion? We could do a themed meal based on your family heritage.

The possibilities are endless. Bring your friends. I’ll bring the food, the know-how and we’ll have a blast together.


Please call for pricing.  There are many variables involved in determining your rate, so let’s chat about what type of lessons you’d like to have!