For anyone that desires to learn how to prepare delicious meals or enjoy the luxury of having someone prepare them for you, you should call Nicole!     She has great culinary knowledge, wonderful teaching abilities and the personality that delivers a fun, enjoyable, and delectable experience that will tantalize your taste buds.       It can be a unique gift for someone special or a treat for you and your loved ones.   I found the class experience to be much more than “Just Food”.
-Darlene D

When I found out that I was going to participate in this cooking expedition, I can’t say that I was overly excited. I went into it with low expectations and an even worse attitude. Within a half hour, Nicole had established a relaxing and educational environment that had won me over – I wasn’t just satisfied with the experience, I was having fun.

It quickly became apparent that Nicole was a professional at managing people. She did an excellent job at delegating tasks, providing enough instructions without suffocating us, and facilitating a genuine conversation with all of us.

People may be her profession, but food is her passion. The dinner we prepared followed no recipe and Nicole proved herself as an artist in the kitchen. She shared stories about her time in culinary school and some of the famous chefs she met along the way.

I didn’t leave that night with just a belly full of delicious food, I also took with me ideas and tricks to try when I got home and possibly the most memorable kitchen experience of my life.
-Austin S

“My husband and I loved this cooking experience and I say experience because it did not feel like a cooking class, which it is, it was fun, so interesting and very intimate. We were able to have a date night with friends that did not consist of an overly high restaurant bill, but great company, outstanding food, and the comforts of home. I loved every second of this experience. If you’ve ever thought of taking a cooking class, call Nicole, she takes care of everything for you and you get the best parts of everything.”
-Laine D

I had a wonderful experience with Chef Nicole.  She was very patient and thorough.  She taught me a lot of tips and cutting tricks that made the experience more pleasurable.  The lesson consisted of pan seared chicken and mushroom risotto.  The chicken and risotto were so delicious!  I don’t have many cooking skills and Chef Nicole taught me that it can be easy and anyone can do it.  Everything we made was delicious.  I never thought I would be able to make risotto! -Danielle M

“What a great date for my fiance and I!  Nicole peeled back the layers of cooking and walked us through a fantastic and fun meal.  We still can’t pronounce gnocchi, but at least we know how to make it!” -Andrew S 

Nicole is fabulous.  Not only did we learn new cooking techniques, we met new people and made new friends.  I highly recommend cooking this way.  -Diane R

“We made a mess of Nicole’s kitchen (who didn’t seem to mind at all) and the best part was that I learned how to make homemade gnocchi. I didn’t even know how to spell that, let alone make it, and she taught me how!”

(I’ve made it twice since then, but it wasn’t as good, so I just want to hire her as my personal gnocchist) 🙂

-Julie N

I have known Nicole now for several years now.  As long as I have known her, she has always been incredibly passionate about food and cooking.  She also is very giving when it come to sharing her culinary talents with others.  If you ever have the chance to sample her homemade waffles with fruit compote,  don’t pass it up;)!

-Lee B

If you have the chance to enjoy Nicole Buntings culinary skills you really need to jump at that opportunity. I have tasted her wares and they are awesome. From her Turkey Chili to her Vegetarian Lasagna and then on to her delightful Macarons, you won’t believe the delicious journey you will experience until you go for it and indulge your self. Her contagious joy over sharing her talents will dazzle you because not only is she a great Chef, she really loves cooking for you. It’s Just Food!! And It’s Just Your Move. So give your tummy a 5 Star Experience and call her…Now!

-Marty C

Pasta cooking class – I attended a pasta cooking class over Easter one year with Nicole.  We had a great group of people attending and all the fixings to make from scratch ravioli, gnocchi, and fettuccine.  Nicole was SO patient as we all made our flour and egg volcanoes and slowly started to mold the ingredients into an actual pasta like substance.  It was so fun to see the pasta come to life and equally as rewarding when we finally got to savor our hard work.  I will never forget this experience and now know exactly what to do the next time I want to make pasta on my own!
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner – The. Best. Turkey. I’ve. Ever. Had.  – Enough said! 

-Emily C